Strange swirl over sky in Norway

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Unpack your bags, it’s not a wormhole. It’s a Russian Navy missile test gone awry. Check out Jay’s interview with Harvard astronomer Jonathan McDowell in a recent Daily Planet.

Looking forward to doomsday? You’ll just have to wait…

Seems things have gotten off to a rough start at CERN headquarters. In the lead-up to so-called God-particle maker, several things have gone awry; most recently, it was hijacked by hackers (see below) and now overheated magnets have delayed the groundbreaking experiments for at least two months. The culprit: “Electrical interconnection between two magnets,” according […]

Who says particle physics and ol’ school rap don’t mix:

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Hilarious, but you gotta applaud the effort…I’ve written a several stories about CERN, and still learned a few things just by watching this.