One small step…

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Three Chinese astronauts landed safely in the Northern Inner Mongolia region Sunday, following a 68-hour voyage aboard the Shenzhou VII vessel. The mission – deemed by all state accounts a success – reaffirmed China’s intent on expanding its space programme. Shenzhou VII is also a crucial step toward eventually assembling a space lab, and a […]

levelHead: Augmented Architecture

Simone Jones, Dean of Faculty of Art at the Ontario College of Art & Design, mentioned her colleague Julian Oliver‘s neat creation during an interview we did for I love the idea. It plays into ideas of Augmented Architecture and Augmented Reality – concepts that deal with altering your reality, rather than providing you […]

Virtual You

Yesterday I chanced on an amazing show on Discovery called Next World: Future Life on Earth (think Beyond 2000, from a beyond-2000 perspective) and caught a segment about Transported Presence. The idea is that our video and audio projections will be so high in quality, we wouldn’t physically need to travel anywhere; the mere projection […]

LHC Update

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Looks like this bad boy will be out of comission until April 2009 at least – methinks likely more… To help pass the time, watch this: I never thought cicades would feel so personal.

WARNING: The below might give you an inferiority complex

At least as it relates to our planet’s size…Enjoy! How – Watch more amazing videos here

Looking forward to doomsday? You’ll just have to wait…

Seems things have gotten off to a rough start at CERN headquarters. In the lead-up to so-called God-particle maker, several things have gone awry; most recently, it was hijacked by hackers (see below) and now overheated magnets have delayed the groundbreaking experiments for at least two months. The culprit: “Electrical interconnection between two magnets,” according […]

Search Engine Rap

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Need I say more?

Welcome to the Valley

Advancements in robotics are taking us ever-closer to what roboticist Masahiro Mori termed the “Uncanny Valley” in 1970; the idea’s that you don’t want your robot to be an unconvincing, awkward imitation-human, but you don’t want it to be too convincing either. The theory states that the more a robot becomes humanlike in its appearance […]

The boom de ah dah phenom continues…

The latest rendition of the Disco Boom De Ah Dah vid is striking a chord locally… was first flooded with requests to put the vid up, and now it’s flooded with people looking to download it… I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an enthusiastic response to a promo…One of the viewsers mentions (and I […]

Finally…the answer

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My best friend – who’s in advertising – will not be pleased: