Strange swirl over sky in Norway

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Unpack your bags, it’s not a wormhole. It’s a Russian Navy missile test gone awry. Check out Jay’s interview with Harvard astronomer Jonathan McDowell in a recent Daily Planet.

LHC Update

Thursday, 25 September 2008, 23:01 | Category : Animals, Uncategorized
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Looks like this bad boy will be out of comission until April 2009 at least – methinks likely more… To help pass the time, watch this: I never thought cicades would feel so personal.

Looking forward to doomsday? You’ll just have to wait…

Seems things have gotten off to a rough start at CERN headquarters. In the lead-up to so-called God-particle maker, several things have gone awry; most recently, it was hijacked by hackers (see below) and now overheated magnets have delayed the groundbreaking experiments for at least two months. The culprit: “Electrical interconnection between two magnets,” according […]

Hackers break into “Big Bang” generator

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Feeling edgy that CERN’s Large Hadron Collider might swallow your precious world whole? The good news is your fear’s likely unfounded. The bad news? The operative word here is likely. Oh, and that less than an hour into the £4.4bn-project, hackers exposed its security vulnerabilities. The group – calling themselves “GST: Greek SecurityTeam” – broke […]

Who says particle physics and ol’ school rap don’t mix:

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Hilarious, but you gotta applaud the effort…I’ve written a several stories about CERN, and still learned a few things just by watching this.