Aurasma in the Classroom: Mediated Selves // Who ARe You?

As part of my Teacher Education course on Social Media in Education, I chose to look into Alternate Reality (AR) applications to education. I focus on one specific app, Aurasma and the new opportunities it creates for teachers. I truly believe AR is an integral part of the way the next generation will learn.

Time’s Best Inventions of ’09

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The remainder of the list is here.

Jay’s thoughts on science in ’09

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Ah, there… Steaming dark-roast in cup (Starbucks’ Verona, if you’re curious), let’s catch up… You see, for the past few weeks, I’ve been scratching my head, trying to figure out how to create a multi-layered frame-in-frame look for a single Flash file. Most recently, Daily Planet host and Discovery Interactive’s resident expert, Jay Ingram, cooly […]

“Who Killed the Electric Car” full doc online

Now you don’t have a reason not to have seen this doc:

The Disappearing Male

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An excellent CBC doc that talks about how plastics and chemicals are affecting male reproductive health…Must see: OR you can watch this and other great docs on’s player, at: CBC Documentaries Player

Time Magazine’s Top 10 Inventions of 2008

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levelHead: Augmented Architecture

Simone Jones, Dean of Faculty of Art at the Ontario College of Art & Design, mentioned her colleague Julian Oliver‘s neat creation during an interview we did for I love the idea. It plays into ideas of Augmented Architecture and Augmented Reality – concepts that deal with altering your reality, rather than providing you […]

Virtual You

Yesterday I chanced on an amazing show on Discovery called Next World: Future Life on Earth (think Beyond 2000, from a beyond-2000 perspective) and caught a segment about Transported Presence. The idea is that our video and audio projections will be so high in quality, we wouldn’t physically need to travel anywhere; the mere projection […]