Down the Rabbit Hole: Social Technology Tools in Educational Alternate Reality Games

“If children can build, play and understand games that work, it’s possible that someday they will understand and design systems that work. And the world is full of complicated systems.”  — Sara Corbett, Journalist, New York Times As part of our Social Media in Education course for our Master of Teaching programme at the Ontario Institute […]

Aurasma in the Classroom: Mediated Selves // Who ARe You?

As part of my Teacher Education course on Social Media in Education, I chose to look into Alternate Reality (AR) applications to education. I focus on one specific app, Aurasma and the new opportunities it creates for teachers. I truly believe AR is an integral part of the way the next generation will learn.

Time’s Best Inventions of ’09

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The remainder of the list is here.

Jay’s thoughts on science in ’09

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Ah, there… Steaming dark-roast in cup (Starbucks’ Verona, if you’re curious), let’s catch up… You see, for the past few weeks, I’ve been scratching my head, trying to figure out how to create a multi-layered frame-in-frame look for a single Flash file. Most recently, Daily Planet host and Discovery Interactive’s resident expert, Jay Ingram, cooly […]

“Who Killed the Electric Car” full doc online

Now you don’t have a reason not to have seen this doc:

The Disappearing Male

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An excellent CBC doc that talks about how plastics and chemicals are affecting male reproductive health…Must see: OR you can watch this and other great docs on’s player, at: CBC Documentaries Player

Time Magazine’s Top 10 Inventions of 2008

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levelHead: Augmented Architecture

Simone Jones, Dean of Faculty of Art at the Ontario College of Art & Design, mentioned her colleague Julian Oliver‘s neat creation during an interview we did for I love the idea. It plays into ideas of Augmented Architecture and Augmented Reality – concepts that deal with altering your reality, rather than providing you […]

Virtual You

Yesterday I chanced on an amazing show on Discovery called Next World: Future Life on Earth (think Beyond 2000, from a beyond-2000 perspective) and caught a segment about Transported Presence. The idea is that our video and audio projections will be so high in quality, we wouldn’t physically need to travel anywhere; the mere projection […]