Riding the Great White

Wednesday, 3 December 2008, 0:29 | Category : Animals, Uncategorized
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They’re the stuff our nightmares are made of – and they’re also tragically misunderstood. This past summer, I had a chance to do some research for Discovery’s annual Shark Week. I was shocked to learn the number of shark species on the verge of extinction.

In fact, statistically they are more likely to die from us, then we are from them. (Consider: for every shark-related human death, we kill 10 MILLION of them.) Undoubtedly, part of our complacency lies in the common portrayal of sharks as bloodthirsty, mindless predators. They are not. (Though that’s not to say it’s wise to touch them.)

To take the point home, watch this:

And if you have a chance, try to watch Sharkwater:

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